ellen+matt – married!

We’ve been on a much needed blogging hiatus these last few months…..with some incredible people soon to hit our blog. But as Micah and I celebrate 4 years of marriage, it seemed like an appropriate time to share this wedding VIDEO from my cousin, Ellen’s, wedding. My husband’s talent continues to surprise me and I couldn’t be prouder of his work on this wedding highlight video!! Ellen and Matt, I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding day! We wish you nothing but the best!! ♥

Ellen+Matt Wedding Day Highlight Video from Micah Carter on Vimeo.


It’s family time, folks!! Meet Kate, Dan and their super sweet little girl, Nora!!

St. Louis Family Photos

St. Louis Family PhotosNora was a bit on the shy side when she first met us at the park.  As you can see, it didn’t take her long to warm up!  Isn’t she adorable?!?

St. Louis Family Photos

St. Louis Family PhotosWe first met Kate & Dan shortly after we started attending church at The Journey.  They were kid ministry volunteers who taught our daughter.  It’s so much fun seeing them almost 4 years later with their own daughter!  I love this family pic!

St. Louis Family Photos

St. Louis Family Photos

St. Louis Family PhotosI love this sweet moment between Nora and her dad!  Dads….don’t underestimate the important role you have in your daughter’s life!

St. Louis Family PhotosWho needs Tickle-Me-Elmo???  Not Nora!!  :)

St. Louis Family Photos

St. Louis Family PhotosWrapping things up with my two favorites!!  Peek-a-boo, mom!!!

St. Louis Family Photos

St. Louis Family PhotosKate, Dan and Nora – Thanks for sharing your afternoon with us!  We had a blast exploring the park through Nora’s eyes!!


Hold on to your hats, folks!  It’s about to get crazy cute up in this blog!!  Remember this sweet face?!?

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerParker and her beautiful momma…doing two of Parker’s favorite things…reading a book and being super cute!

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerWelcome to the land of toddlers, Parker!  Ever wonder why having 2 photographers is so great??

St. Louis Family PhotographerThis is why!!  The above shot was Micah’s view and the below is mine.  I’m so glad we caught both of these moments!

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerThese next two images are two of my all time favorite family photos!

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerParker turned ONE this past February!  According to mom and dad, she loves books, Yo Gabba Gabba, her monkey, fruit (especially bananas) and beets.  And she’s the most fashionable girl on the block!

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerMelinda, Brian and Parker – It was such a treat to photograph you three again!!  We hope this next year is full of new, exciting adventures!


Remember this little guy?? The last time we saw him he was just 6 months old. Now, Henry is ONE and full of even more wonderful personality and smiles! Kicking things off with one of my favorites!!
Henry currently likes swimming, reading, watching ceiling fans, scooting all over the house and Mexican food! How cool is that?!? I love his expression here!

Photographing families in their own homes is one of our favorite things to do! Everyone starts out more comfortable right out of the gate and each image ends up so unique and personal!

I LOVE the colorful travel theme of Henry’s nursery!! Great work Suzanne & Jason! But even more, I love the love and joy in this image. :) For those reasons, this is our favorite!

Then, we moved outside on an unseasonably warm winter day in St. Louis!

Another favorite, folks!!

This interaction between mom and son melts me.

Towards the end of our session, Henry started to get a little squirmy. At his parent’s suggestion, we pulled up the Sesame Street theme song aaaannnnndddddd…. MAGIC!

This was one of the last photos we took. We knew it had to be getting close to the end of our time together because Henry kept saying “bye bye!” ;) LOVE the blue sky!

St. Louis Family Photographer

Thanks winter, for giving us such a great day to go out and shoot! And thanks Suzanne & Jason for allowing us to capture another special day in the life of your family!!  Cheers!


Get ready to ooohh & aaahhh, folks!!  This little miss couldn’t be any cuter!  Meet Bronte Everly who was born December 17th, 2014!!!

St. Louis Family PhotographerMicah’s favorite!  There is nothing quite like a new momma and her baby!

St. Louis Family PhotographerDuring our session, Nolan told us that he’s been surprised at his willingness to sit for long periods of time in an uncomfortable position while holding Bronte if it means she’s content and sleeping peacefully.  I love hearing how parenthood changes us….in ways we would never have expected!!!

St. Louis Family PhotographerThis girl’s hair…..are you kidding me?!?!?

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerThis wire basket was Ashley’s great-grandfather’s and was used to collect eggs on their farm.  I was so excited to be able to use such a fun family keepsake!

St. Louis Family PhotographerThis is one of my favorites!  How many hours do you think a parent sits and stares at their new bundle?!?

St. Louis Family PhotographerI love imagining what she’s dreaming about…

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerHigh-fives to Ashley’s mom for making this ADORABLE blanket!!  Oh sweet Bronte, you could not be more precious!!!  These next two are favorites of mine!

St. Louis Family Photographer

St. Louis Family PhotographerBronte was a perfect doll the ENTIRE session…and then we decided to sneak one more photo at the very end.  Quite frankly, I’m glad we saw her crying, even if it was only for a few seconds.  I needed a reminder that she was actually human! ;)

St. Louis Family PhotographerAshley & Nolan, Thank you so much for bringing us in to capture this amazing time in your lives!  We hope 2015 is a year that you will always remember with great joy!  CHEERS!!!!